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Welcome to Real Estate Investing

There are two basic ways of investing in real estate, active and passive.

  1. Active is digging for good deals, arranging financing, and executing your exit strategy. This can take a great deal of time and patients for each deal and it has its hazards. You have to use your credit score or your own money to invest this way. If this kind of investing is what you are looking for then call me about our mentoring program to ease the learning curve. (269-906-0245)
  2. Passive investing is another way to make money in real estate without most of the risks. This type of investing is investing just your money and not a great deal of time. You can invest with Avalanche Rental properties in mortgages. We find the homes, fix them to move in standards and rent them out to pay the mortgages. We buy houses wholesale at rock bottom prices, fix what is not up to standards, and rent to a qualified tenant. We also rent to own to tenants with a max two year buyout. This lets the tenant have time to fix their credit before they get a loan. We pay up to 10% for mortgages on our properties to private individuals. The minimum that we accept is $5000.00 for 2nd mortgages. The investment is backed by a note and mortgage just like a bank. The home is also insured, just like a bank requires, with your name on the policy as lean holder. If the stock market is too volatile for you and CDs are to low in profit then this is for you. To get started just fill in the form below with your basic contact information and we will get in touch with you right away. Thanks Dennis Grabovac Avalanche Rental Properties

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