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Rent to own program and Property For Sale.

Our rent to own program is pretty simple but to help you better understand what you should do we are going to take you through the process step by step.

  1. In this step you find a property that you want, whether it is a property that we are currently advertising or one that you saw. If it is one that you saw we can make plans to buy and repair it for you so it can qualify for the program.
  2. Next fill out an application. This will allow us to approve you for our program and will let us know what property that you are interested in.
  3. You’re approved! Now we can get your paperwork under way and you can sign the contract. The contract states the time that you will rent (usually 2 years) and then you have the option to buy. You are buying the property two years from now at the price that it was worth when you signed the contract. You make the payments like you would if you were renting and all of those payments will go on your credit report which will help you get the credit score that you need to buy. When your two years are up then you can go to the bank and get a mortgage on the home.
  4. Now that you have signed the contract you make your 5% down payment and move in the down payment is applied to the agreed upon purchase price of the property.

Properties that are currently eligible for the rent to own program.

These properties are also available to buy outright for more information click on the link to the property that you are interested in, or fill out an application to get pre qualified.

Address # of bedrooms Type of unit Rent
316 Highview St. Watervliet MI. 2/2 bedroom Upper and Lower $2000 down and $800/Mo.
11 North St. Bangor MI. 2/2 bedroom Side by Side $2000 down and $800/Mo.

Click here to get started by filling out an application!!!